” Give A Girl The Right Hairstyle, And She Will Conquer The WORLD”

Who said going to the gym does not need a little effort. We all know that science says that ” If you look good, you feel good”, now I don’t know whether that really was science but I know many of us know it to be true. We all know your hair is your crown and should not be neglected just because you’re going to the gym. So we’ve put together a list of 6 Easy Gym Hairstyles to help you slay while staying in your lane on that treadmill.


The Classic Messy Bun is an immediate Go-To hairstyle for super quick and easy Gym hairdos. Whether you are rocking braids, long natural hair or even a full lace wig, you can get the most out of this hairstyle. Just a quick brush through and a quick knot at that the top and thats it. Simple and out of your face, while still looking cute at the gym.




 We say “Yes!!” to Flat twists. If you have medium short hair length you are capable of rocking this hairstyle at the gym.  However, Disclaimer Alert: You do need to know how to plait your hair. Fear not!! if you are not good at plaiting yourself, these flat two strand twists are a much easier alternative to the braided fish tails. Practice makes perfect with this hair style but after a couple of tries, you’ll be looking like a Nubian Princess in the Gym.




Tying your Hair back has never been easier. This look is for everyone and for the “lazy girl”, ” My hairs too thick”,  “Hair down looks good on me” kinda girls. Its just a matter of taking a couple of strands of hair from the front and tying it to the back. This way you keep your hair down without it being in your face! This might not be appropriate for running and jumping, unless of course you don’t mind the bounce.



Thank God for Head Bands, right! This hair accessory deserves a seat at the hairstyle table. Now whether your using a typical sporty sweat band or using the “doek” you slept in last night or even that beautifully printed african fabric, it really doesn’t matter because this look does the trick. Its cute its easy and allows you to get your workout on without thinking about your hair. Major Key Alert: Its for all hair types and hair lengths and really can be tied as tight or loose as you want!

We give this one a YASSS. Who said Pig Tails are just for little girls. With this look not only will you have your hair out of your  face, it is super young and trendy. You could slick this look or just simply tie it up. You can put your pig tails into buns or leave then loose. This is a thumbs up fresh look for the gym.


Last but definitely not least the basic Pony Tail is a Winner! Its simple, easy, out of your way and super cheek. Whats awesome about this look is the multiple variations you could add to this look. Sleek it out, braid the pony down or simply just wear it as is. Any way you Rock this its a classic and definitely the easier guaranteed go to.


Written by: Evelyn Lobelo