Name: Thuthukani Shabangu aka Thuthu

Age: 24 years

Residence: Pretoria

Occupation: Home call Personal Trainer.

Thuthu is hard working and always willing to go the extra mile with new challenges. He’s young, hungry, ambitious and full of energy.  He aims to expand his brand and personal training services in and out of the country.


We sat down with him to find out a little more.

Q: What qualifications do you have?

A: I studied Health & Fitness and Athlete Management.

Q: What work experience do you have?

A: I worked with a Soccer team (Mthatha Football club) in 2016 in the Eastern Cape.

I do group fitness workouts and one on one PT.

I market the University of Pretoria Gym too. I bring a lot to the table.

Q: When did the Personal Training start and why?

A: I started my own business as a Personal trainer in 2015. The reason I started this was to help people that are uncomfortable at the gym and those who don’t have time to travel to the gym. Nothing makes me more happy than giving back.


Q: As a personal trainer surely you had quite the fitness journey yourself. When did you start your own fitness journey?

A: I started working out in 2012 (1st year) took time to see results but I just had to be patient and motivate myself. Most people think I have always been buff but that’s not the case I was skinny in high school, I use to be a soccer player and I wanted to go pro , but due to injury I stopped and started gym. That’s when the journey started.

Q: You look great. What are the common misconceptions people have about buff guys?

A: Never been cocky or loved myself too much. Most people think all gym guys are like that but we also think like that with other guys, but as soon as you greet and talk you will be shocked how Super friendly Gym guys are.

Q: You and Kallie Jantjies have a great gym relationship on Instagram. What is the importance of having a gym partner?

A: Having a gym partner is the best thing a person can do, you are able to push each other and help each other reach bigger goals. Mostly when I work out alone I don’t work as much as I do when I’m with my gym partner. You get to share ideas, share what to eat and what not to.


Q: What is your philosophy on training and diet?

A: It’s very important to know what to eat when you have goals for your body. You can work out in the gym as much as you want but if you not eating right then you won’t get the results you want. I believe it’s 80% Diet and 20% Gym.




Feel free to contact Thuthu  on:


Cell: 0794595733

Instagram: @thu_2