He goes by “TheKidProdigy”. Apart from having muscles for daaaaays, Sibusiso is a brand ambassador for SSN Supplements, Sherrif Training Systems, Dranged Clothing, Dave Sheer Guns and  a Planet Fitness Influencer.


25 year old Sibusiso Kotelo was born and bred in Durban. He got introduced to the body building industry back in 2014 where he placed:

  • IFBB KZN | Novice Junior | 1st
  • IFBB KZN Provincial Champs | 1st
  • Rossi Classic | Junior u23 | 1st
  • Rossi Classic | Junior Overall
  • IFBB KZN SSN Show | Junior | 1st

In 2015 Kotelo took a well deserved break and came back to stage in 2016 where he placed:

  • IFBB KZN Provincial Champ| Super Heavy | 1st
  • SA Champ Super Heavy |Super Heavy | 1st


We sat down with the personal trainer and asked him “How can we get Legs like yours?”

Q: How often do you train legs and how long do your sessions last?

A: I now train legs twice a week. I’m in my off season now and doing more muscle isolation workouts to cultivate the physique I’m working towards. So Quads one day and Hamstrings one day.

My sessions are one hour fifteen minutes max.

Q: Do you think it is important to split training your quads and hamstrings?

A: Now I absolutely believe it is. Too many times when we do both. It’s usually a case of doing Quads and by the time you need to do Hamstrings you’re already fatigued and you barely have a good Hamstrings workout.

Q: Is there a certain diet you follow on leg days?

A: Always high carb. Right now I’m on a bulking diet. So it’s the same every day. But when I’m on prep. I train legs and back on a high carb day. Very important.

Q: What is a typical leg day session like for you?

A: Depends whether it’s off season or during prep. Or which area of the quad is being targeted. But normally during prep we would do a lot of GVT training (10 sets x 10 reps with the same weight with just 1 minute rest time in between sets). Whereas off season it’s more hypertrophy training.

I focus on exercises like heavy barbell squats, deadlifts, walking lunges, leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises etc.


Q: How can one build big and strong calves?

A: Consistency with this one. It’s a lagging body part for most people. Myself included. So it’s a matter of training them three times a week if needed be.

Q: What supplements do you use on leg days?

A :Pre workout- SSN Crea pump with SSN Cytoguard.

Intra workout – SSN glutamine, SSN Creatine, SSN BCAAs, SSN Çytoguard, SSN Isowhey

Post workout – I rely on food purely here. No supplements taken.

Q: How much weight do you max on squats, deadlifts and leg presses?

A: Squats- 290kgs Deadlift: 220kgs Leg press: 550kgs