27 year old personal trainer and owner of Pulse60, Lucky Mazibuko is known as the “No Nonsense, let’s achieve” type of trainer. This Greenstone Hill resident and has 5 years in the fitness and training industry. Within 3 years Mazibuko has managed to make Pulse60 profitable by signing up to 300 clients. He aims to push his clients to their ultimate prime and he is very hands on with them. We had a little chit chat with him to find out about him and his thriving business.


  1. You were once overweight. What motivated you to change your lifestyle?

Depression lead me to a very dark and unhealthy lifestyle, dealing with my brother’s death was one of the hardest thing went through in my life I couldn’t sleep or focus I had to take sleeping pills with alcohol so I could sleep and I was eating out almost 7days a week that is how I gained 14kg in 10 months. As a fitness professional, I had it didn’t make sense for me to help people lose weight whilst I was overweight having people that look up to me motivated me to lose weight I just had be strong and how them how it’s done.

  1. How would you describe your fitness journey?

It wasn’t easy obviously and I was hard to getting it right most of the time because I thought I could do it without discipline or being on strict diet that lead me back to where I started even though I was working I wasn’t eating right which became impossible for me to achieve my weight-loss goal as a qualified fitness professional there was a huge need for me to consult the books and research as I would do with my clients so I did that worked hard at the gym and outside the gym maintained a alcohol free and clean lifestyle .

  1. How long did it take you to lose the weight?

It took me 7 months to drop all the weight, 7 hard months.


  1. Please explain what Pulse 60 is?

PULSE60 GROUP are specialists in fitness and wellness services with customized solutions for individuals, groups, companies, schools and communities.

▪ Our team offers exclusive and first-class fitness and wellness services according to our expertise, experience, analyses and clients wish.

▪ We care for you holistically to achieve your personal goals, independently of the fact whether you are in shape or not. Our unique combination of a precise nutrition program and very successful training methods will bring you guaranteed success.

▪ Our workouts are Convenient, Customized & Focused. For your convenience, we travel to your home, office, park or any setting of your choice at a time that works best for you. We are using fitness for prolong lives, improve quality of lifestyle, lower medical costs and to grant people a better approach to life.


  1. Your company is known for training celebrities. What are the challenges that you face with your type of clientele?

Managing their lifestyles that is one big challenge all our trainers are facing including myself because the last thing you want as a trainer is not seeing results with your client so we try and keep them informed and advised meaning we have more strength commutation skills as much as we do when it comes to putting them into customized programs.

  1. What future plans do you have for Lucky Mazibuko and Pulse 60?

For me I only have one goal in mind to be the best at everything my clients feel safe and regard me as a VIP personal trainer I’m living up to that as I work hard to being the most expensive and sought-after fitness trainer in Africa and grow as business man.

For PULSE60 the plan is to open our very own sports center and expand our services to all 9 provinces and create more opportunities for young black male and female trainers.


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