Pressed Avenue

Kick-Start a healthy new you with a delicious PRESSED AVENUE COLD PRESSED, 100% Organic, Fruit and Veggie, Juice/Smoothies. Super Charge your life with our taste-tingling juice/smoothies. Infuse your body with the highest quality liquid nutrition, packed with live enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Several studies show that adding more fruit & vegetables to your diet can improve your wellbeing.


Lose WEIGHT, gain a FLAT TUMMY, LOOK & FEEL AMAZING! Get glowing skin; think more clearly, start controlling disease. Juice cleansing is the ideal way to RESET your body and KICK-START a healthy new YOU. Living off these liquid nutrients, gives your digestive system a well-earned break. Banishing cravings, breaking unhealthy addictions/habits and gets you back on track, in as little as 3 days. Creating a healthier happier you.


Pressed Avenue is black female owned entity .We are passionate about health and wellbeing and we promise to deliver nothing but the very best in food and nutrition. Serving the best quality seasonal ingredients means we bring to our customers real food there is, where possible.

Pressed Avenue is 100% natural, cold-pressed juices & smoothies are designed to fuel your body and provide a healthy burst of vitamins, minerals and enzymes your body needs. Our nutrient-packed vegetable & fruit juices are a perfect way to drink about a quarter of your daily-recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. Our juices have no additives or preservatives and are freshly cold-pressed and bottled each morning to ensure maximum freshness.



The juices and smoothies change daily and seasonally depending on what produce is available. You will receive a combination of what’s in season.


Benefits of regular juice consumption and juice cleansing:

  • Improves digestion resulting in increased nutrient absorption
  • Good for weight loss
  • Increased and lasting energy
  • Naturally glowing skin
  • Mental clarity and improved focus
  • Strengthened immune system and therefore less colds and flu
  • Helps to alleviate allergies and food intolerances
  • Eliminate cravings such as sugar, caffeine and junk food
  • Improved circulation
  • Alleviate bloating

Delivery inclusive around (Fourways /Midrand /Pretoria/Centurion )