With warmer and sunnier days we will definitely find ourselves going out a little more.

Whether it be to a party, braai, movies, family gatherings or a simple lunch or dinner with friends there is always a healthier alternative when it comes to food and drinks.

Going out is fun and we can find ourselves over indulging in the wrong foods. These tips will help you make eating out healthy and enjoyable.



  • If you are trying a new restaurant, take time to study the menu so you can make the best choices.
  • Have the waiter remove temptations (such as the bread basket) from the table.
  • Drink two full glasses of water before your food arrives.
  • Avoid foods described as buttery, buttered, fried, pan-fried, creamed, escalloped, au gratin (with cheese), or a la mode (with ice cream).
  • If you do eat bread before your meal, choose melba toast or whole-grain rolls without butter or margarine.
  • If you are familiar with the menu, decide what to order before entering the restaurant. This tactic will help you avoid any tempting foods that may not be as healthy.
  • Beef carpaccio or calamari are great starters.
  • Have salmon, fish, lean steak or chicken breasts as your main.
  • Choose sweet potato chips, salads or roasted veg as your sides.
  • For dessert order sorbets, frozen yogurt, something with nuts or DARK chocolate.
  • Order a glass of red wine(sip slowly) or spirits with Coke Zero/ Sprite Zero.




  • Try to have a healthy quick meal before hand eg, tuna/chicken sandwich, protein shake, avo and egg toastie.
  • Small-Medium popcorn will do just fine. Popcorn is rich in fiber and is a complex carb so it is not all that bad.
  • For drinks; order water, Coke Zero/Sprite Zero/Tab.
  • You can be a rebel and buy a small slab of dark chocolate (Lindt is great) and stash it in your bag, I swear they won’t know. If you are not a chocolate lover Wine gums are also ok.



Braai vibes:

The great thing about braais is that you can actually bring your own drinks and foods so make sure you bring healthier foods like salads, low calorie juice, a bottle of red wine, chicken breasts, snoek fish etc.

If you cant bring your own food and drinks then have:

  • Salads instead of the bread and pap (shy away from the dressings)
  • Have chicken, red meat and try to stay away from the wors.
  • If there are snacks choose the nuts, pretzels or Pringles.


A braai is nothing without the drinks. Always opt for lower calorie drinks if you want to consume alcohol:

  • Low calorie beer.
  • Sugar free cranberry and vodka.
  • Gin and Sprite Zero (feel free to add a slice of cucumber, grape fruit, lemon and some mint).
  • Dark spirits with water.
  • Brandy and Coke Zero/Lite.
  • Flying Fish Lite.
  • Windhoek Lite.
  • Castle Lite.
  • Red wine.
  • Low calorie wine wines.
  • Make vodka punch and infuse it with fruits instead of using high sugar juices.


                        *Flying Fish Lite has 35% less calories



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